Welcome to BitzAnalysiz(), a site about in-depth analysis of World of Tanks Blitz game statistics. Here you can find data-backed answers to questions like:

  1. “What are the strongest tanks in the game - tier-for tier?"
  2. “What is the most played tank in the game?"
  3. “How is players’ WR distributed over the tiers?".

The best performing tanks

The best performing tanks tier-for-tier by Relative WR.

The best performing tanks

Stats for the latest update

The latest update with stats is 7.1.

Stats for the latest update

Most played tanks

The most played tanks during the update 7.1.

Most played tanks

Players by number of career battles

Players by number of career battles

Latest posts

    2020-08-27 Update 7.1 stats added

    Stats for update 7.1 have been added. Now tank pages are available to all tiers from update 7.0 onwards. Premium tanks (and especially the pricey container-only tanks) continue to dominate the tier VIII tank rankings.

    2020-08-14 Tank-specific pages added

    Big update! Tank-specific pages have been added to the site. The pages show detailed analysis of each tier V-X tank. One of the most interesting graphs is the Relative WR for different player skill-levels.

    2020-07-16 Update 7.0 stats added

    Added stats for update 7.0. Interestingly, the player base tracked played far less battles during the update compared to the previous update despite the update interval being very long due to the WG release schedule.

    2020-06-17 Update 6.10 stats added

    Stats for update 6.10 has been added to the site. How did the ATGM tanks actually perform? Did Sheridan deserve its nerf in 7.0? Was T92E1 still one of the best performing tier IX tanks?

    2020-06-08 Measuring tank performance

    Updated 2020-08-11 Over-Powered (OP) tanks are maybe the 2nd most popular topic on Blitz YouTube videos and online chats - right after “the Matchmaker”. I have long held the view that if a tank is “OP”, this has to be visible in statistics.

    2020-05-16 Stats since update 6.0 added

    I have been busy cleaning up the codebase and fixing tons of little issues. Here are main updates: Stats since update 6.0 I have added stats for updates since 6.0 to the site.

    2020-05-07 launched

    Hy! is a site about in-depth game statistics of Wargaming’s World of Tanks Blitz. You won’t find individial player statistics here - for those, please check awesome Instead, the the site is about analysis of the player population and tank performance statistics.

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