BlitzAnalysiz[] is a site about in-depth game statistics of Wargaming’s World of Tanks Blitz World war II-themed multiplayer online tank game. You won’t find individial player statistics here - for those, please check awesome Blitzstars.com. Instead, the the site is about analysis of the overall player population and tank performance statistics.

All the data has been fetched via WG’s API and processed in RStudio. The web site has been build with Hugo.

Big thanks for BlitzStars.com’s developer SockRobber and WotInspector.com’s developer reven86 for all the support!

BlitzAnalysiz[] is build by Jylpah@EU. You can reach out me via email (Jylpah@gmail.com), Discord (Jylpah#4662). I am also active at WoT Blitz EU forums.