Update 7.2 stats added

Stats for update 7.2 have been added.

  • Record 205M battles by 456k players was recorded in the database. Please note, these are note all the WoT Blitz players, just those tracked by BlitzAnalysiz[].

  • There seem to be more low-tier stat-padders captured in the database since Top 5 highest WR tanks are Tier V or below.

Top 10 tanks by Average WR

  • T28 Concept, Object 252U and Chimera continue to be the best performing tanks in the game, with T54E2 taking the 3rd place in front of Chimera. Top four tanks are all premium tanks. It must be a pure accident by WG balancing department. If it were a result of conscious decision, someone could say the game is becoming pay-to-win…

Best performing tanks, update 7.2

Best performing tier X tanks

  • And I finally managed to fix the annoying parallel processing bug that has taken most of my BlitzAnalysiz development time. The issue was that multi-threaded OpenBLAS-libraries used by loess() not being thread-safe in multi-core applications. library('RhcpBLASctl'); blas_set_num_threads(1) took care of it. It took probably 50h to debug it. Debugging parallel code is PIA. Finally solved it! By definition, bugs are found in the last place you are looking for those.