Update 7.3 stats added

Stats for update 7.3 have been added.

  • Total 230M battles by 484k players recorded in the database during the update 7.3. Please note, these are note all the WoT Blitz players, just those tracked by BlitzAnalysiz[].

Top 10 tanks by Average WR

  • T28 Concept and Chimera continue to be the best performing tanks in the game. When looking into the details, it is clear that T28 Concept’s performance in the hands of average & below-average players (strong armor) pushes its average Relative WR high. The tank is performing well, but relatively bit less well in the hands of very good players. This is likely due to its poor mobility. At the moment the Relative WR data is not stratified. Stratified sampling would eliminate the impact of the differences in the tanks' player populations better and give more comparable view of the tanks' performance.

Best performing tanks, update 7.3

Swedish heavy tank line

Update 7.3 brought the Swedish heavy tanks. As it is often the case with new tank lines, those are first played with more experienced & better players distorting the average WR statistics for the tanks. Emil I player population offers a great example:

Emil I player population, update 7.3

Tier VI Strv 74

Of the Swedish line, the tier VI Strv 74 seems performing below the average. I liked it personally, but based on the numbers it does not perform that well.

Strv 74 Relative WR, update 7.3

Tier VII Leo

The tier VII Leo seems performing also below the average for the better players. I liked it personally, but maybe its lowish DPM (still higher than the T20) pushed the Relative WR down.

Leo Relative WR, update 7.3

Tier VIII Emil I

The tier VIII Emil I is the gem of the line and currently the best performing tier VIII Tech Tree heavy tank. Players have been crying it needs to nerfed, but let’s remember that the Emil I is only the 4th best performing tier VIII heavy tank. Its superior performance on the battlefield is also greatly contributed by its better-than-average player population (3.9% higher average WR vs. all tier VIII heavy tanks)

Emil I Relative WR, update 7.3

Tier IX Emil II

The tier IX Emil II performed very much the average. I would say the EMil II is perfectly balanced.

Emil II Relative WR, update 7.3

Tier X Kranvagn

The tier X Kranvagn was an disappointment for many and it performs the average (below the average for good players). WG often tends to launch new lines with borderline OP-performance. It might be that WG thought the Kranvagn has so much positives that players would play it in any case, and they decided to launch it as balanced. Launching a new line balanced feels almost like launching it nerfed since the standard is borderline-OP.

Kranvagn Relative WR, update 7.3