The most OP tanks - ever

A fellow tanker asked a simple question of “what is the most OP regular tank in Blitz of all time?”. A fair question and something I would have not been able to guess.

Of course the definition of the “best” is the one that decides the answer and I have chosen the criteria to be Relative WR

  • the average of the differences between players’ WR in a tank and average WR in their all same tier tanks. And in this case I have calculated it over the time, not during the peak performance of each of the tanks. WG has launched many tank lines with OP tanks, but over the time most of those have been nerfed to reasonable levels or been power-creeped.

The most OP regular tanks of all times

To my surprise the most OP tank of all times is Emil I. It is not that there never have been more OP regular tanks than Emil I, but those have been nerfed and over the time their “average OPness” had been brought under more reasonable levels.

plot of chunk fig_top20_regular_tanks_Relative_WR_all_time

The most OP regular tanks of all times - Table

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The most OP tanks of all times

Including premium tanks

But is Emil I the most OP tank in the game all-time - including the premium tanks? Not even close to. It barely fits into the TOP 10. The most OP tank of all the times is of course the legendary Type 98 Ke-Ni Otsu. It was released with wrong parameters and never sold since. WG did not dare to nerf it since some players managed to buy it before WG noticed the mistake. Due to its rarity (and age) it’s not played much and thus it is not visible in the on BlitzAnalysiz[].

plot of chunk fig_top20_tanks_Relative_WR_all_time

The most OP tanks of all times - Table

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