Update 7.5 final stats added

Final stats for update 7.5 have been added.

  • In total, there were mind-blowing 452M battles by 610k players recorded in the database during the update 7.5. These are by far the largest numbers ever record at BlitzAnalysiz[]. Please note, these are not all the WoT Blitz players, just those tracked by BlitzAnalysiz[].

  • EMIL 1951 took straight away the second spot pushing Maus, the best performing Tech tree tank, out of TOP 5. Great, people get bang for their rubles. Never mind the tank balance.

  • Otherwise the top spots went to tanks with great “balance” of armor, mobility and firepower such as T28 Concept, T54E2 and Annihilator.

plot of chunk fig_tanks_top_RelativeWR plot of chunk fig_tanks_top_RelativeWR

  • New Relative WR by player skill-level charts added for the main tank stats and tier tank stats. There are three player skill-level buckets measured as WR at the tier: 0-45%, 45-55% and 55%+.

plot of chunk fig_tanks_top_RelativeWR_tier10 plot of chunk fig_tanks_top_RelativeWR_tier10