Update 7.6 preliminary stats added

Preliminary stats for update 7.6 have been added.

  • In total, there has been 148M battles by 498k players recorded in the database during the update 7.6 so far. Please note, these are note all the WoT Blitz players, just those tracked by BlitzAnalysiz[].

Top 10 tanks by Average WR

  • T28 Concept, Annihilator and Object 252U took the top spots (most OP) in terms of Relative WR. The recently introduced EMIL 1951 premium tank is 10th making premium tanks to take 8 out of the 10 top spot. No pay-to-win here, of course not.

Best performing tanks, update 7.6

TOG II* rules`

TOG II* doesn’t rule`