Update 7.7 final stats added

Final stats for update 7.7 have been added.

  • In total, there were 236M battles by 481k players recorded in the database during the update 7.7.

  • Familiar & well-armored tanks took the top spots in tank performance rankings: 1) Object 252U, 2) Annihilator and 3) T54E1. There was only one Tech-Tree tank in the TOP 5 (Maus) and two in TOP 10 (AT 8).

Best performing tanks, update 7.7

  • Tier X performance ranking was the same armor-spam: 1) Maus, IS-4, E 100 and so on. All the TOP 10 tanks have a strong armor profile. What is interesting is that the order is pretty much the same for better players (55%+ WR at tier X).

Best performing Tier X tanks, update 7.7

Czechoslovakian tanks

So how did the Czechoslovakian tanks do? Short answer is: “pretty bad”, but in reality it is still too early to say. The Relative WR of the Czechoslovakian tanks will likely to improve in the next update as players learn to play the tanks better and a larger share of the player population has finished the stock-grind. Blitzanalysiz[] tries to eliminate the impact of the stock-grind by requiring players to have a tier-specific number of battles in a tank before their stats can be included into the calculations, but that seems not to fully eliminate the stock-grind.

Tier X TVP T 50/51

The tier X TVP T 50/51 performed pretty average being among the lowest 1/3rd. It may have an unique playstyle, but it seem not to perform that well.

Tier X medium tanks by Relative WR

If you constantly see TVP T 50/51s to perform superb on the battlefield, that is simply because it has been played by very-very good players on average at this point. The rest of the players will grind it soon and the true (non-)performance of the tier X TVP will become more apparent.

TVP T 50/51 player population

Tier IX Škoda T 50

The tier IX Škoda T 50 performed bit better, but it still just average.

Tier IX medium tanks by Relative WR

Tier VIII TVP VTU Koncept

The tier VIII TVP VTU Koncept was a big disappointment to play. Based on stats it was the second worst performing tier VIII medium and the worst performing tier VIII medium for players with 55%+ WR at tier VIII.

Tier VIII medium tanks by Relative WR

Tier VII Konštrukta T-34/100

I personally felt the tier VII Konštrukta T-34/100 was pretty decent, but based on stats it was actually one of the worst performing tier VII mediums.

Tier VII medium tanks by Relative WR

Tier VI Škoda T 25

The tier VI Škoda T 25 fits the pattern and was one of the worst performing tier VI medium tanks.

Tier VI medium tanks by Relative WR

I still cannot believe the Czechoslovakian tanks were so bad. I dislike the tanks, but I believe their stats will fair bit better (i.e. average) in update 7.8. Let’s see.