Update 7.8 final stats added

Final stats for update 7.8 have been added.

  • In total, there were 169M battles by 483k players recorded in the database during the update 7.8.

  • It is getting boring the report the best performing tanks - the same ones keep topping the charts update after update in slightly different order:

  1. T28 Concept,
  2. Object 252U,
  3. Annihilator,
  4. T54E2 and
  5. Maus.

plot of chunk fig_tanks_top_RelativeWR plot of chunk fig_tanks_top_RelativeWR

  • update 7.8 was rather boring update without any major balance changes at the high tiers. 121B got buffed a bit and it improved a bit. But the best performing tier X medium tank medium tank stayed the same:
  1. T-22 medium,
  2. Progetto M40 mod. 65 and
  3. E 50 Ausf. M.

plot of chunk fig_tanks_tier10_MTs_RelativeWR plot of chunk fig_tanks_tier10_MTs_RelativeWR

  • Finally there is few updates since the Czechoslovakian medium tanks got introduced and it is now fair to say that the early assessment of those being “meh” at the best was spot-on. The tanks (TVP T 50/51,
    Škoda T 50, etc.) were performing average across the player skill-levels.

  • The next new line seems to be experimental American heavies ending up to M-VI-Yoh that is being super-tested at the moment by all-but-average players:

plot of chunk fig_tank_player_base_M_VI_Yoh plot of chunk fig_tank_player_base_M_VI_Yoh

While the M-VI-Yoh players are super unicums, the tank seems to perform extremely well for the super-testers even by their own standards. I am expecting WG to nerf the tank big time before releasing it.

plot of chunk fig_tank_relativeWR_M_VI_Yoh plot of chunk fig_tank_relativeWR_M_VI_Yoh