Update 8.1 final stats added

Final stats for update 8.1 have been added.

Best performing tanks, update 8.1

Annihilator’s “nerf”

gallabru@EU analysis of Annihilators pre-and post 8.1

  • The above image is courtesy of gallabru@EU who has analyzed the replays submitted to WoTinspector.com. There is nothing uncertain about this secret MM rule for the Annihilator, but WG has not officially communicated this change. Maybe WG is preparing players for the next ultra-OP Halloween tank?

Other notable changes

  • The tier X M-VI-Yoh has improved its performance still and got into tier X TOP10. Maybe players have learned to use the small 3-shot gun that has crazy DPM. The dual-shot gun is so fun, but it lacks the DPM to survive end-games.

Tier X TOP 20 relative WR update 8.1

  • The new tier VIII premium tank Somua SM has performed very well and why not: a tank with high burst damage, great turret armor, gun depression and decent mobility rarely struggles on on the battlefield.

Tier VIII TOP 20 relative WR update 8.1

  • It should be noted though that in addition for the Somua SM being very good tank (especially for the less-skilled payers), it has been played by very good players so far (tier VIII WR +6% vs. the average).

Somua SM playerbase during update 8.1

Tier VIII TOP 20 relative WR update 8.1

  • Sturer Emil got (over)buffed in update 8.1, but it did not impact that much on its stats. It seems the tank is still too hard to play for most of the players (no armor, no turret). I personally felt the engine-buff was too much and the tank lost its sluggish characteristics and became more of an arcade version of itself. I wish WG would partially reverse its engine buff :-)

Sturer Emil Relative WR update 8.1