Update 8.3 final stats added

Final stats for update 8.3 have been added.

  • In total, there were 139M battles by 402k players recorded in the database during the update 8.3.

  • The TOP20 best performing tanks list has undergone some big changes.

  • T110E3 that got a cupola-armor nerf in update 8.2 has dropped to 18th (was 13th in update 8.2.

  • AT 15A has taken the top position - maybe the armor highlighting change has helped it and other well-armored tanks?

  • Predator Ultramarines is 4th after the usual T28 Concept and Object 252U. I have never played it, but I have always regarded is as an average tank. Maybe the armor-highlighting change in update 8.1 boosted it a bit? Although, it seems to have performed above average (inline with Dracula) in update 8.0.

  • IS-7 has made into TOP 10 (8th) and is now clearly ahead of IS-4. Recommended.

plot of chunk fig_tanks_top_RelativeWR plot of chunk fig_tanks_top_RelativeWR

Annihilator is still making
40% above tier VII average damage even it is not winning anymore. Rigged MM is a bitch.

plot of chunk fig_tanks_all_avg_dmg_highest plot of chunk fig_tanks_all_avg_dmg_highest