Update 8.4 final stats added

Final stats for update 8.4 have been added.

  • In total, there were 105M battles by 403k players recorded in the database during the update 8.4.

New (premium) tanks have entered the TOP20 best performing tanks list.

  • Thanks to the recent promotion, Somua SM has entered the battlefield in numbers and taken the 3rd spot. High burst damage combined with ultra-strong turret, good gun depression and decent mobility - what could go wrong?

  • The usual suspects T28 Concept and Object 252U have taken the the top spots again.

  • Rather unpopular AT 15A has dropped to 17th. I think its low player count make its relative WR stats more unreliable with high update-to-update variation.

  • Dead-ugly fake-tank Dreadnought (a buffed fantasy-copy of Churchill Gun Carrier aka Coffin on Tracks) was 4th.

  • IS-7 received a nice buff during “PBR remodeling"and it is really good now and actually the best performing Tech-Tree tank (8th).

plot of chunk fig_tanks_top_RelativeWR plot of chunk fig_tanks_top_RelativeWR

Polish heavy tanks

Update 8.4 introduced Polish heavy tanks. I have reached tier IX with those and I think all the tanks so far are fine tanks. Good armor, good mobility, OK gun-depression and good alpha. However, the stats of the Polish heavies look “meh” at the best. However, usually the first update’s stats underestimate a bit the performance of new tank lines. This might be due to many players still grinding the tanks with stock modules and below-100% crews. I try to take the grind-time into consideration, but there is no certain way to filter out non-maxed out tanks. I expect the stats to improve a bit in next update.

Tier VI 40TP Habicha

The tier VI stats 40TP Habicha was a nice tank in my view, but based on stats it was the 3rd worst performing tier VI heavy tank heavy tank heavy tank heavy tank. I played only 17 battles with it (boosters, yeah) and got 70% WR. I have too few battles to really say anything of my own performance with it, but it felt OK - or I got carried :-)

plot of chunk fig_tanks_tier6_heavy_RelativeWR plot of chunk fig_tanks_tier6_heavy_RelativeWR

Tier VII 45TP Habicha

The tier VII stats 45TP Habicha was also a nice tank in my view, but based on stats it was the 2nd worst performing tier VII heavy tank heavy tank heavy tank heavy tank. I played 52 battles with it and did OK, although I felt fighting with windmills (teams) and reached only 61% WR.

plot of chunk fig_tanks_tier7_heavy_RelativeWR plot of chunk fig_tanks_tier7_heavy_RelativeWR

Tier VIII 53TP Markowskiego

The tier VIII stats 53TP Markowskiego was again a really nice tank in my view, but based on stats it is just an average performer among tier VIII heavy tank heavy tank. I played 82 battles with it and reached 64% WR with it that is pretty average for me.

plot of chunk fig_tanks_tier8_heavy_RelativeWR plot of chunk fig_tanks_tier8_heavy_RelativeWR

Tier IX 50TP Tyszkiewicza

The tier IX stats 50TP Tyszkiewicza is another good tank in my view, but based on stats it is an average performer among tier IX stats. I have played so far 110 battles with it and standing at 60% WR with it. The Gods of MM are asking more sacrifices from my wallet.

plot of chunk fig_tanks_tier9_heavy_RelativeWR plot of chunk fig_tanks_tier9_heavy_RelativeWR

Tier X 60TP Lewandowskiego

I have not played the tier X stats 60TP Lewandowskiego yet, but it does not seem to be so fearsome enemy on the battlefield. Yes, it has a great turret, but I have felt it is pretty balanced. However, based on stats it seems to be a below-average performer among tier X stats.

plot of chunk fig_tanks_tier10_heavy_RelativeWR plot of chunk fig_tanks_tier10_heavy_RelativeWR Let’s see how the update 8.5 stats turn out once those are out. It is hard for me to believe this line is performing so poorly since I think the tanks are all fine.

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