2020-07-16 Stats added for update 7.0, new pages for tank types

Stats added for Update 7.0. New pages for each tank type per tier have been added. These pages list all the tanks in the tier for each tank type.

2020-06-17 Stats added for update 6.10

Also fixed a bug in the code (function params in wrong order..) that likely caused too many tank stats being filtered out.

2020-06-08 Changes to stats filtering and Relative WR algo

Stats filtering unified to eliminate stock-grind tanks’ impact on tank performance stats (Averate WR, Relative WR, Average damage, etc.). Earlier new tanks got impacted by the stock-grind battles being taken into account. The number of required battle is a compromise based on average tank research XP divided by players’ average XP at the tier and divided by 1.5^2. This can be intepreted as playing with 50% WR and only the first 2x XP victories plus XP boosters. Making the filter too aggressive seriously limits the available data, therefore the compromise.

Required number of battles per tier

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
0 1 4 9 18 34 51 86 139 152

Relative WR formula revised to do the comparison to average of all the same tier tanks, including the tank itself. This seems to provide more sensible results than the earlier using other same tier tanks as the comparison point. Honestly speaking, I do not know why. The first algorithm seemed clever, but the detailed graphs showed it failed somehow.

The first Relative WR incarnation also had an error that while it filtered out stock-grind tanks, it included those in the calculation of the comparison WR (i.e. average WR of other same tier tanks). This caused RElative WR to be higher for all the tanks than it actually was.

2020-06-08 New blog post: Measuring tank performance

2020-05-16 Stats since update 6.0 added

Stats since Update 6.0 added. Graphs are also now based on plot templates to unify look’n’ feel.

2020-05-07 launched