Scepter is a American Tier VIII premium Heavy Tank.

Player Population

This graphs compare’s the tank’s player population by WR at Tier to other same tier Heavy Tanks.

plot of chunk fig_tank_player_base plot of chunk fig_tank_player_base

Relative WR vs. Player Skill-level

This graphs shows how well players of different skill-level (measured by WR at Tier) perform in the tank vs. their other same tier, same type tanks.

plot of chunk fig_tank_relativeWR plot of chunk fig_tank_relativeWR

Stat levels vs. WR

These graphs players input-stats vs. the WR they have reached with the tank. The players’ averages over all the same tier tanks is shown in grey. The bars show the 20-80% stat levels within the WR bucket (20% of players will have higher/lower stats than these).

Average Damage

plot of chunk fig_tank_avg_dmg plot of chunk fig_tank_avg_dmg

Kills per Battle

plot of chunk fig_tank_avg_kills plot of chunk fig_tank_avg_kills

Spot Rate

plot of chunk fig_tank_spot_rate plot of chunk fig_tank_spot_rate

Hit Rate

plot of chunk fig_tank_hit_rate plot of chunk fig_tank_hit_rate

WR analysis

These graphs shows how different stat-pairs (X/Y) relate to WR (the color coding).

Average Damage + kills per Battle vs. WR

This graphs shows Average WR as a function of Average Damage and Kill per Battle.

plot of chunk fig_tank_WR_vs_avg_dmg_kills plot of chunk fig_tank_WR_vs_avg_dmg_kills

Spot Rate + Survival Rate vs. WR

plot of chunk fig_tank_WR_vs_spots_survival plot of chunk fig_tank_WR_vs_spots_survival

Spot Rate + Average Battle Lifetime vs. WR

plot of chunk fig_tank_WR_vs_spots_lifetime plot of chunk fig_tank_WR_vs_spots_lifetime

Shots/Battle + Average Battle Lifetime vs. WR

plot of chunk fig_tank_WR_vs_shots_lifetime plot of chunk fig_tank_WR_vs_shots_lifetime

Hit Rate + Shots/Battle vs. WR

plot of chunk fig_tank_WR_vs_hit_rate_shots plot of chunk fig_tank_WR_vs_hit_rate_shots