Tier VII Premium Tanks

NationVehicle ClassTank
USSRMedium TankKV-13
USSRMedium TankT-34-85 Rudy
USSRMedium TankT-44-85
USSRHeavy TankIS-2 (1945)
USSRTank DestroyerISU-122S
USSRTank DestroyerSU-122-44
GermanyLight TankKunze Panzer
GermanyMedium TankPanther/M10
GermanyHeavy TankTankenstein
GermanyHeavy TankVK 45.03
GermanyTank DestroyerE 25
GermanyTank DestroyerKrupp-Steyr Waffenträger
USAMedium TankT23E3
USAMedium TankT26E3 Eagle 7
USAMedium TankT42
USAHeavy TankM6A2E1
USATank DestroyerSuper Hellcat
USATank DestroyerT28 Concept
ChinaLight TankM41D
ChinaLight TankType 62
FranceLight TankAMX 13 57
UKHeavy TankFV201 (A45)
UKTank DestroyerAT 15A
JapanHeavy TankIS-2 Pravda SP
OtherMedium TankDracula
OtherMedium TankEdelweiss
OtherMedium TankHafen
OtherMedium TankM4/FL10
OtherMedium TankMagnate
OtherMedium TankY5 ELC bis
OtherHeavy TankAnnihilator
OtherHeavy TankGravedigger
OtherHeavy TankLupus
OtherHeavy TankLycan
OtherHeavy TankNameless
OtherHeavy TankPharaoh
OtherHeavy TankPredator Ultramarines
OtherHeavy TankSmasher
OtherHeavy TankTitan H-Nd
OtherHeavy TankVulcan
OtherTank DestroyerHelsing
OtherTank DestroyerVindicator Ultramarines
OtherTank DestroyerWZ 135G FT Blaze
EuropeMedium TankCS-52 LIS
EuropeMedium TankSvear
EuropeHeavy TankŠkoda T 45

All the graphs are based on battles played during update 10.0 only (not cumulative data).

The Best Performing Tanks

Highest Relative WR

The graph shows tier VII Premium Tanks by Relative WR. That is the average of players’ WR in a tank compared to their average WR at the tier (in all same tier tanks). Relative WR is a measure of the performance/strength of the tank.

  • All the statistics are about battles fought during the update 10.0 only.
  • The graph shows averages over all the player skill-levels. Well-armored tanks tend to do better in the hands of less-skilled players and thus those tanks tend to have higher (average) Relative WR even in the hands of skilled players those could do relatively worse.
  • The impact of “Stock-grind battles” is reduced based on tier-specific requirement for total battles at the end of the update. Only players with more than 0-152 (depending on the tier) battles in a tank in the end of the update are included to eliminate the impact of the first battles in the tank (with sub-100% crew / modules).
  • The players need to have 10-20 battles in a tank and 20-40 battles at the tier during the update.
  • Average WR is the players’s average WR in the tank
  • Player WR at Tier is the average WR of the players of the tank at the tier. Since different tiers have different difficulty, it is more meaningful to compare players’ performance in the same tier tanks.

plot of chunk fig_tanks_tier_premium_Relative_WR plot of chunk fig_tanks_tier_premium_Relative_WR

Relative WR - Table

TankRelative WRAverage WRPlayer WR at TierPlayersBattles/PlayerVehicle Class
T28 Concept2.68%54.8%52.1%1 02064.4Tank Destroyer
AT 15A2.18%54.7%52.5%1 30074.7Tank Destroyer
Pharaoh2.12%54.6%52.5%1 96074.8Heavy Tank
Predator Ultramarines1.88%54.8%52.9%49496.4Heavy Tank
Lycan1.7%56%54.3%62280.3Heavy Tank
Tankenstein1.33%52.9%51.6%77666.0Heavy Tank
VK 45.031.11%52%50.9%69265.8Heavy Tank
CS-52 LIS1.02%52.9%51.8%17 00096.0Medium Tank
T-44-850.98%53.5%52.5%46571.0Medium Tank
Smasher0.97%57.3%56.3%6 23094.9Heavy Tank
Annihilator0.96%54.7%53.8%2 73096.7Heavy Tank
Svear0.92%51.9%51%47352.7Medium Tank
Gravedigger0.59%51.3%50.7%50362.9Heavy Tank
Helsing0.55%53.8%53.2%1 69084.5Tank Destroyer
Škoda T 450.38%50%49.6%3 76059.3Heavy Tank
Dracula0.38%56.6%56.2%1 24087.7Medium Tank
IS-2 (1945)0.26%51.3%51%64965.4Heavy Tank
M6A2E10.17%50.4%50.2%62965.9Heavy Tank
T26E3 Eagle 70.09%50.8%50.7%8 75065.6Medium Tank
ISU-122S0%51.4%51.4%79580.0Tank Destroyer
T-34-85 Rudy-0.07%52.5%52.6%30068.5Medium Tank
Type 62-0.1%51.9%52%5 29065.3Light Tank
T23E3-0.16%49.5%49.6%2 18078.1Medium Tank
Super Hellcat-0.27%49.8%50.1%12 90068.7Tank Destroyer
Kunze Panzer-0.3%53.6%53.9%41557.6Light Tank
Panther/M10-0.33%48.2%48.6%95874.1Medium Tank
WZ 135G FT Blaze-0.37%50.9%51.2%2 37096.0Tank Destroyer
T42-0.43%51.6%52%3 090100.0Medium Tank
SU-122-44-0.45%49.6%50.1%1 63083.4Tank Destroyer
Magnate-0.5%49.5%50%3 37081.5Medium Tank
AMX 13 57-0.53%50.9%51.5%1 02052.8Light Tank
Vindicator Ultramarines-0.55%52.4%52.9%91794.0Tank Destroyer
M4/FL10-0.58%49.9%50.5%77558.4Medium Tank
Krupp-Steyr Waffenträger-0.72%50.6%51.3%94866.1Tank Destroyer
M41D-0.88%52.2%53.1%2 52067.9Light Tank
FV201 (A45)-0.95%48%49%1 41062.1Heavy Tank
E 25-1.17%50.2%51.4%1 99085.9Tank Destroyer

Relative WR by player skill-level

Players’ average WR at the tier is used as a measure for players’ skill.

plot of chunk fig_tanks_tier_premium_Relative_WR_topN_65_ plot of chunk fig_tanks_tier_premium_Relative_WR_topN_65_

plot of chunk fig_tanks_tier_premium_Relative_WR_topN_55_65 plot of chunk fig_tanks_tier_premium_Relative_WR_topN_55_65

plot of chunk fig_tanks_tier_premium_Relative_WR_topN_45_55 plot of chunk fig_tanks_tier_premium_Relative_WR_topN_45_55

plot of chunk fig_tanks_tier_premium_Relative_WR_topN_0_45 plot of chunk fig_tanks_tier_premium_Relative_WR_topN_0_45

Average WR

This graph shows VII Premium Tanks ranked by players’ average WR in the tanks. Player WR denotes the tank’s players’ average WR across all the tier VII tanks during the update. Only tanks with more than 200 players are listed. This may filter out few upcoming tanks that are being tested.

plot of chunk fig_tanks_tier_premium_WR plot of chunk fig_tanks_tier_premium_WR

Average WR - Table

Average WR denotes average WR in a tank across all the players during the update. Player WR denotes the tank’s players’ average WR across all the tanks during the update.

TankAverage WRPlayer WR at TierPlayersBattles/PlayerVehicle Class
Smasher57.7%56.7%7 53090.5Heavy Tank
Dracula56.4%56.1%1 48091.2Medium Tank
Lycan55.9%54.3%71677.3Heavy Tank
Annihilator55%53.9%3 17091.6Heavy Tank
T28 Concept54.9%52.2%1 20063.0Tank Destroyer
Pharaoh54.9%52.7%2 42069.7Heavy Tank
AT 15A54.7%52.7%1 54073.4Tank Destroyer
Predator Ultramarines54.6%52.9%53396.1Heavy Tank
Helsing53.8%53.3%1 93085.3Tank Destroyer
T-44-8553.6%52.4%54171.0Medium Tank
Kunze Panzer53.4%53.8%45657.0Light Tank
Titan H-Nd53%52.7%20582.1Heavy Tank
Tankenstein53%51.7%90167.4Heavy Tank
CS-52 LIS52.8%51.8%20 50091.4Medium Tank
M41D52.4%53.1%2 92067.8Light Tank
T-34-85 Rudy52.3%52.6%35173.1Medium Tank
Vindicator Ultramarines52.2%52.9%98993.9Tank Destroyer
VK 45.0352.1%51%81664.5Heavy Tank
Type 6252.1%52.1%5 98064.3Light Tank
Svear52.1%51.1%51752.5Medium Tank
T4251.6%52%3 220100.0Medium Tank
IS-2 (1945)51.6%51.2%80066.5Heavy Tank
ISU-122S51.4%51.4%88077.7Tank Destroyer
Gravedigger51.3%50.8%56463.5Heavy Tank
AMX 13 5751%51.4%1 14051.0Light Tank
T26E3 Eagle 750.9%50.7%9 74063.7Medium Tank
WZ 135G FT Blaze50.9%51.2%2 67094.8Tank Destroyer
M6A2E150.7%50.5%78168.0Heavy Tank
Krupp-Steyr Waffenträger50.7%51.4%1 04066.5Tank Destroyer
E 2550.4%51.4%2 24092.7Tank Destroyer
Škoda T 4550.2%49.7%4 49058.1Heavy Tank
M4/FL1049.9%50.5%87457.5Medium Tank
Super Hellcat49.8%50%14 90066.5Tank Destroyer
SU-122-4449.5%49.9%1 98081.7Tank Destroyer
T23E349.5%49.5%2 63077.6Medium Tank
Magnate49.3%49.7%4 24081.2Medium Tank
FV201 (A45)48.1%48.9%1 65062.1Heavy Tank
Panther/M1048%48.4%1 15073.1Medium Tank

Average Damage

This graph shows VII Premium Tanks ranked by players’ average damage in the tanks.

plot of chunk fig_tanks_tier_premium_avg_dmg plot of chunk fig_tanks_tier_premium_avg_dmg

Average Damage - Table

TankAverage DamageAverage WRPlayer WR at TierPlayersBattles/PlayerVehicle Class
Annihilator1 60055%53.9%3 17091.6Heavy Tank
Smasher1 58057.7%56.7%7 53090.5Heavy Tank
Predator Ultramarines1 37054.6%52.9%53396.1Heavy Tank
Lycan1 34055.9%54.3%71677.3Heavy Tank
Pharaoh1 32054.9%52.7%2 42069.7Heavy Tank
Titan H-Nd1 27053%52.7%20582.1Heavy Tank
Tankenstein1 23053%51.7%90167.4Heavy Tank
ISU-122S1 23051.4%51.4%88077.7Tank Destroyer
Helsing1 23053.8%53.3%1 93085.3Tank Destroyer
AT 15A1 22054.7%52.7%1 54073.4Tank Destroyer
T28 Concept1 21054.9%52.2%1 20063.0Tank Destroyer
WZ 135G FT Blaze1 21050.9%51.2%2 67094.8Tank Destroyer
VK 45.031 21052.1%51%81664.5Heavy Tank
Vindicator Ultramarines1 19052.2%52.9%98993.9Tank Destroyer
CS-52 LIS1 18052.8%51.8%20 50091.4Medium Tank
M6A2E11 15050.7%50.5%78168.0Heavy Tank
Krupp-Steyr Waffenträger1 15050.7%51.4%1 04066.5Tank Destroyer
IS-2 (1945)1 15051.6%51.2%80066.5Heavy Tank
Dracula1 14056.4%56.1%1 48091.2Medium Tank
T421 10051.6%52%3 220100.0Medium Tank
T-44-851 09053.6%52.4%54171.0Medium Tank
SU-122-441 08049.5%49.9%1 98081.7Tank Destroyer
Kunze Panzer1 07053.4%53.8%45657.0Light Tank
Škoda T 451 07050.2%49.7%4 49058.1Heavy Tank
E 251 06050.4%51.4%2 24092.7Tank Destroyer
T-34-85 Rudy1 05052.3%52.6%35173.1Medium Tank
Svear1 05052.1%51.1%51752.5Medium Tank
Gravedigger1 04051.3%50.8%56463.5Heavy Tank
Super Hellcat1 02049.8%50%14 90066.5Tank Destroyer
FV201 (A45)1 01048.1%48.9%1 65062.1Heavy Tank
T26E3 Eagle 71 01050.9%50.7%9 74063.7Medium Tank
M4/FL1099749.9%50.5%87457.5Medium Tank
M41D99152.4%53.1%2 92067.8Light Tank
Type 6297052.1%52.1%5 98064.3Light Tank
T23E393849.5%49.5%2 63077.6Medium Tank
AMX 13 5791651%51.4%1 14051.0Light Tank
Magnate91549.3%49.7%4 24081.2Medium Tank
Panther/M1085948%48.4%1 15073.1Medium Tank

Average Kills/Battle

This graph shows VII Premium Tanks ranked by players’ average kills per battle.

plot of chunk fig_tanks_tier_premium_avg_kills plot of chunk fig_tanks_tier_premium_avg_kills

Average Kills/Battle - Table

TankAverage Kills/BattleAverage WRPlayer WR at TierPlayersBattles/PlayerVehicle Class
Smasher1.0957.7%56.7%7 53090.5Heavy Tank
Annihilator1.0755%53.9%3 17091.6Heavy Tank
Predator Ultramarines0.9154.6%52.9%53396.1Heavy Tank
Lycan0.8955.9%54.3%71677.3Heavy Tank
Dracula0.8756.4%56.1%1 48091.2Medium Tank
AT 15A0.8654.7%52.7%1 54073.4Tank Destroyer
Vindicator Ultramarines0.8652.2%52.9%98993.9Tank Destroyer
ISU-122S0.8451.4%51.4%88077.7Tank Destroyer
Pharaoh0.8454.9%52.7%2 42069.7Heavy Tank
Titan H-Nd0.8353%52.7%20582.1Heavy Tank
CS-52 LIS0.8352.8%51.8%20 50091.4Medium Tank
Helsing0.8353.8%53.3%1 93085.3Tank Destroyer
T28 Concept0.8154.9%52.2%1 20063.0Tank Destroyer
T-44-850.8153.6%52.4%54171.0Medium Tank
WZ 135G FT Blaze0.8050.9%51.2%2 67094.8Tank Destroyer
VK 45.030.8052.1%51%81664.5Heavy Tank
E 250.7950.4%51.4%2 24092.7Tank Destroyer
T420.7751.6%52%3 220100.0Medium Tank
T-34-85 Rudy0.7652.3%52.6%35173.1Medium Tank
Tankenstein0.7653%51.7%90167.4Heavy Tank
Kunze Panzer0.7553.4%53.8%45657.0Light Tank
M41D0.7552.4%53.1%2 92067.8Light Tank
Krupp-Steyr Waffenträger0.7550.7%51.4%1 04066.5Tank Destroyer
IS-2 (1945)0.7451.6%51.2%80066.5Heavy Tank
SU-122-440.7449.5%49.9%1 98081.7Tank Destroyer
M6A2E10.7150.7%50.5%78168.0Heavy Tank
Type 620.7052.1%52.1%5 98064.3Light Tank
Škoda T 450.7050.2%49.7%4 49058.1Heavy Tank
Super Hellcat0.7049.8%50%14 90066.5Tank Destroyer
M4/FL100.7049.9%50.5%87457.5Medium Tank
Svear0.7052.1%51.1%51752.5Medium Tank
Gravedigger0.6851.3%50.8%56463.5Heavy Tank
FV201 (A45)0.6748.1%48.9%1 65062.1Heavy Tank
T23E30.6649.5%49.5%2 63077.6Medium Tank
T26E3 Eagle 70.6550.9%50.7%9 74063.7Medium Tank
Magnate0.6549.3%49.7%4 24081.2Medium Tank
AMX 13 570.6451%51.4%1 14051.0Light Tank
Panther/M100.5848%48.4%1 15073.1Medium Tank

Spot Rate

This graph shows VII Premium Tanks ranked by players’ spot rate in the tanks.

plot of chunk fig_tanks_tier_premium_spot_rate plot of chunk fig_tanks_tier_premium_spot_rate

Spot Rate - Table

TankSpot RateAverage WRPlayer WR at TierPlayersBattles/PlayerVehicle Class
Dracula1.9256.4%56.1%1 48091.2Medium Tank
M41D1.9052.4%53.1%2 92067.8Light Tank
Type 621.6952.1%52.1%5 98064.3Light Tank
Kunze Panzer1.5853.4%53.8%45657.0Light Tank
AMX 13 571.4351%51.4%1 14051.0Light Tank
T-44-851.3953.6%52.4%54171.0Medium Tank
T-34-85 Rudy1.3652.3%52.6%35173.1Medium Tank
T23E31.3149.5%49.5%2 63077.6Medium Tank
T421.3051.6%52%3 220100.0Medium Tank
Svear1.2452.1%51.1%51752.5Medium Tank
T26E3 Eagle 71.2450.9%50.7%9 74063.7Medium Tank
CS-52 LIS1.2252.8%51.8%20 50091.4Medium Tank
Pharaoh1.2154.9%52.7%2 42069.7Heavy Tank
Panther/M101.1948%48.4%1 15073.1Medium Tank
M6A2E11.1750.7%50.5%78168.0Heavy Tank
Gravedigger1.1551.3%50.8%56463.5Heavy Tank
Predator Ultramarines1.1554.6%52.9%53396.1Heavy Tank
M4/FL101.1149.9%50.5%87457.5Medium Tank
Lycan1.1055.9%54.3%71677.3Heavy Tank
IS-2 (1945)1.0951.6%51.2%80066.5Heavy Tank
VK 45.031.0752.1%51%81664.5Heavy Tank
Annihilator1.0355%53.9%3 17091.6Heavy Tank
Magnate1.0349.3%49.7%4 24081.2Medium Tank
FV201 (A45)0.9748.1%48.9%1 65062.1Heavy Tank
Titan H-Nd0.9753%52.7%20582.1Heavy Tank
Helsing0.9653.8%53.3%1 93085.3Tank Destroyer
Škoda T 450.9150.2%49.7%4 49058.1Heavy Tank
Tankenstein0.9053%51.7%90167.4Heavy Tank
E 250.8950.4%51.4%2 24092.7Tank Destroyer
Smasher0.8857.7%56.7%7 53090.5Heavy Tank
Super Hellcat0.8749.8%50%14 90066.5Tank Destroyer
T28 Concept0.7254.9%52.2%1 20063.0Tank Destroyer
WZ 135G FT Blaze0.6450.9%51.2%2 67094.8Tank Destroyer
Vindicator Ultramarines0.6452.2%52.9%98993.9Tank Destroyer
Krupp-Steyr Waffenträger0.6150.7%51.4%1 04066.5Tank Destroyer
SU-122-440.6149.5%49.9%1 98081.7Tank Destroyer
AT 15A0.6154.7%52.7%1 54073.4Tank Destroyer
ISU-122S0.6051.4%51.4%88077.7Tank Destroyer

Hit Rate

This graph shows VII Premium Tanks ranked by players’ hit rate in the tanks.

plot of chunk fig_tanks_tier_premium_hit_rate plot of chunk fig_tanks_tier_premium_hit_rate

Hit Rate - Table

TankHit RateAverage WRPlayer WR at TierPlayersBattles/PlayerVehicle Class
Predator Ultramarines83%54.6%52.9%53396.1Heavy Tank
Pharaoh82.8%54.9%52.7%2 42069.7Heavy Tank
Titan H-Nd82.8%53%52.7%20582.1Heavy Tank
Tankenstein82.7%53%51.7%90167.4Heavy Tank
M4/FL1082.6%49.9%50.5%87457.5Medium Tank
Panther/M1082.3%48%48.4%1 15073.1Medium Tank
CS-52 LIS82.2%52.8%51.8%20 50091.4Medium Tank
FV201 (A45)82.2%48.1%48.9%1 65062.1Heavy Tank
T-44-8582.2%53.6%52.4%54171.0Medium Tank
VK 45.0382.1%52.1%51%81664.5Heavy Tank
T4282%51.6%52%3 220100.0Medium Tank
Lycan81.9%55.9%54.3%71677.3Heavy Tank
Svear81.9%52.1%51.1%51752.5Medium Tank
AMX 13 5781.8%51%51.4%1 14051.0Light Tank
T-34-85 Rudy81.8%52.3%52.6%35173.1Medium Tank
Type 6281.8%52.1%52.1%5 98064.3Light Tank
Kunze Panzer81.7%53.4%53.8%45657.0Light Tank
T26E3 Eagle 781.7%50.9%50.7%9 74063.7Medium Tank
Dracula81.4%56.4%56.1%1 48091.2Medium Tank
T28 Concept81.2%54.9%52.2%1 20063.0Tank Destroyer
IS-2 (1945)81.2%51.6%51.2%80066.5Heavy Tank
Smasher81.2%57.7%56.7%7 53090.5Heavy Tank
M6A2E181.1%50.7%50.5%78168.0Heavy Tank
E 2581%50.4%51.4%2 24092.7Tank Destroyer
WZ 135G FT Blaze81%50.9%51.2%2 67094.8Tank Destroyer
M41D80.9%52.4%53.1%2 92067.8Light Tank
Škoda T 4580.8%50.2%49.7%4 49058.1Heavy Tank
T23E380.8%49.5%49.5%2 63077.6Medium Tank
Super Hellcat79.9%49.8%50%14 90066.5Tank Destroyer
Gravedigger79.7%51.3%50.8%56463.5Heavy Tank
Krupp-Steyr Waffenträger79.7%50.7%51.4%1 04066.5Tank Destroyer
AT 15A79.6%54.7%52.7%1 54073.4Tank Destroyer
Magnate79.1%49.3%49.7%4 24081.2Medium Tank
Vindicator Ultramarines78.1%52.2%52.9%98993.9Tank Destroyer
ISU-122S76.9%51.4%51.4%88077.7Tank Destroyer
SU-122-4476.8%49.5%49.9%1 98081.7Tank Destroyer
Helsing76%53.8%53.3%1 93085.3Tank Destroyer
Annihilator74.1%55%53.9%3 17091.6Heavy Tank

This graph shows most popular tier VII Premium Tanks tanks by players.

plot of chunk fig_tanks_tier_premium_most_popular plot of chunk fig_tanks_tier_premium_most_popular

Most played Tanks

This graph shows the most played tier VII Premium Tanks by number of battles during the update 10.0.

plot of chunk fig_tanks_tier_premium_most_played plot of chunk fig_tanks_tier_premium_most_played

Most Played Tanks - Table

TankBattlesAverage WRPlayer WR at TierPlayersBattles/PlayerVehicle Class
CS-52 LIS2.59000M53.2%52%102 00025.50Medium Tank
Magnate2.12000M47.3%50.8%270 0007.85Medium Tank
Super Hellcat1.41000M50.9%51%93 00015.20Tank Destroyer
Smasher1.08000M54.9%54.7%50 20021.50Heavy Tank
T26E3 Eagle 71.03000M51.6%51.5%82 40012.50Medium Tank
T420.65800M51.1%52.4%40 20016.40Medium Tank
Type 620.60800M52.3%52.4%50 70012.00Light Tank
Škoda T 450.48000M53.1%51.2%54 5008.80Heavy Tank
WZ 135G FT Blaze0.44300M50.3%51.6%29 50015.00Tank Destroyer
E 250.43900M49.6%52.6%36 00012.20Tank Destroyer
Annihilator0.38200M54.7%54.2%20 60018.50Heavy Tank
T23E30.32500M50.1%50.9%26 50012.20Medium Tank
M41D0.32300M50.7%53.6%29 70010.90Light Tank
Helsing0.28100M54.6%53.8%25 20011.10Tank Destroyer
SU-122-440.26800M50.4%51.5%25 20010.70Tank Destroyer
Pharaoh0.23600M55.5%53%17 30013.60Heavy Tank
Dracula0.22700M54.6%54.8%21 70010.50Medium Tank
FV201 (A45)0.21300M49.4%51%26 9007.92Heavy Tank
AT 15A0.20400M55.2%52.1%17 50011.70Tank Destroyer
Vindicator Ultramarines0.18500M50.4%53.3%10 80017.10Tank Destroyer
T28 Concept0.16600M55.4%51.8%22 2007.50Tank Destroyer
Panther/M100.15400M49.4%50.5%16 1009.59Medium Tank
ISU-122S0.13900M51.9%52.1%13 60010.30Tank Destroyer
Tankenstein0.13300M53%52.2%20 1006.62Heavy Tank
AMX 13 570.13100M51.1%52.8%18 1007.23Light Tank
Krupp-Steyr Waffenträger0.12800M51.5%52.9%14 9008.57Tank Destroyer
Lycan0.12400M55.9%54%14 7008.44Heavy Tank
M4/FL100.11900M51.1%52.6%17 5006.81Medium Tank
IS-2 (1945)0.11300M52.8%52.5%16 4006.86Heavy Tank
M6A2E10.11200M52.2%51.7%15 2007.38Heavy Tank
Predator Ultramarines0.10600M55.3%53%8 02013.30Heavy Tank
VK 45.030.10500M53.1%51.7%13 5007.77Heavy Tank
T-44-850.09490M54.3%52.8%12 0007.90Medium Tank
Gravedigger0.08010M53.5%52.5%11 5006.99Heavy Tank
Kunze Panzer0.07070M55.1%54.2%11 4006.22Light Tank
Svear0.05850M55.3%52%8 8006.65Medium Tank
T-34-85 Rudy0.04990M53%53.2%7 5006.66Medium Tank
Titan H-Nd0.04710M53.5%52.9%6 0307.81Heavy Tank
Lupus0.02140M55.8%53.7%3 4606.19Heavy Tank
Y5 ELC bis0.02040M53.8%53%4 9004.16Medium Tank
KV-130.01660M50.5%51.9%1 35012.30Medium Tank
Edelweiss0.01090M55.9%53.3%2 1505.08Medium Tank
Nameless0.01080M54.6%52.8%2 5804.17Heavy Tank
IS-2 Pravda SP0.00945M56.8%53.5%1 7005.57Heavy Tank
Vulcan0.00798M55.9%53.3%1 8204.38Heavy Tank
Hafen0.00497M51.4%52.8%1 4503.43Medium Tank