Tier X Heavy Tanks

USSRTRUEObject 260
USSRTRUEObject 777 Version II
GermanyFALSEE 100
GermanyFALSEVK 72.01 (K)
GermanyTRUEVK 90.01 (P)
USAFALSET57 Heavy Tank
ChinaTRUE114 SP2
ChinaTRUEWZ-111 model 5A
FranceTRUEAMX M4 mle. 54
UKTRUEChieftain Mk. 6
UKTRUESuper Conqueror
JapanFALSEType 71
EuropeFALSE60TP Lewandowskiego
EuropeTRUEStrv K
EuropeFALSEVz. 55

All the graphs are based on battles played during update 10.7 only (not cumulative data).

The Best Performing Tanks

Highest Relative WR

The graph shows tier X Heavy Tanks by Relative WR. That is the average of players’ WR in a tank compared to their average WR at the tier (in all same tier tanks). Relative WR is a measure of the performance/strength of the tank.

  • All the statistics are about battles fought during the update 10.7 only.
  • The graph shows averages over all the player skill-levels. Well-armored tanks tend to do better in the hands of less-skilled players and thus those tanks tend to have higher (average) Relative WR even in the hands of skilled players those could do relatively worse.
  • The impact of “Stock-grind battles” is reduced based on tier-specific requirement for total battles at the end of the update. Only players with more than 0-152 (depending on the tier) battles in a tank in the end of the update are included to eliminate the impact of the first battles in the tank (with sub-100% crew / modules).
  • The players need to have 10-20 battles in a tank and 20-40 battles at the tier during the update.
  • Average WR is the players’s average WR in the tank
  • Player WR at Tier is the average WR of the players of the tank at the tier. Since different tiers have different difficulty, it is more meaningful to compare players’ performance in the same tier tanks.

plot of chunk fig_tanks_tier_type_Relative_WR plot of chunk fig_tanks_tier_type_Relative_WR

Relative WR - Table

TankRelative WRAverage WRPlayer WR at TierPlayersBattles/PlayerTank type
Maus2.39%53.7%51.3%2 58074.9Researchable
IS-71.84%51.9%50%11 30084.9Researchable
Type 711.62%52.6%51%4 78065.3Researchable
E 1001.5%51.7%50.2%20 00085.2Researchable
VK 90.01 (P)0.89%52.9%52.1%3 64085.5Premium
Kranvagn0.61%50.6%50%8 32073.6Researchable
VK 72.01 (K)0.59%52.1%51.5%7 10084.9Researchable
60TP Lewandowskiego0.55%50.5%49.9%8 26070.3Researchable
Object 777 Version II0.53%51.6%51.1%90686.6Premium
Concept 1B0.39%51.9%51.5%92877.3Premium
Super Conqueror0.37%51%50.6%3 46087.4Premium
T95E60.29%52%51.7%2 02078.3Premium
Strv K0.21%51.4%51.2%64480.6Premium
T110E50.21%50.8%50.6%3 64071.0Researchable
Chieftain Mk. 60.2%51%50.8%5 05068.1Premium
WZ-1130.05%51.3%51.2%2 12057.4Researchable
M-VI-Yoh-0.1%49.9%50%7 81073.6Researchable
AMX M4 mle. 54-0.13%49.9%50.1%71768.6Premium
Object 260-0.19%49.2%49.4%85783.6Premium
T57 Heavy Tank-0.22%49.4%49.6%11 00074.8Researchable
WZ-111 model 5A-0.28%49.2%49.5%98378.6Premium
BZ-75-0.52%51%51.5%1 290119.0Researchable
IS-4-0.54%48.9%49.4%2 51065.4Researchable
AMX 50 B-0.74%48.6%49.3%9 72077.9Researchable
Vz. 55-0.76%49.8%50.6%62676.1Researchable
FV215b-1.07%51%52%1 98062.3Researchable

Relative WR by player skill-level

Players’ average WR at the tier is used as a measure for players’ skill.

Not enough players to calculate Relative WR

plot of chunk fig_tanks_tier_type_Relative_WR_topN_55_65 plot of chunk fig_tanks_tier_type_Relative_WR_topN_55_65

plot of chunk fig_tanks_tier_type_Relative_WR_topN_45_55 plot of chunk fig_tanks_tier_type_Relative_WR_topN_45_55

plot of chunk fig_tanks_tier_type_Relative_WR_topN_0_45 plot of chunk fig_tanks_tier_type_Relative_WR_topN_0_45

Average WR

This graph shows tier X Heavy Tanks ranked by players’ average WR in the tanks. Player WR denotes the tank’s players’ average WR across all the tier X tanks during the update. Only tanks with more than 200 players are listed. This may filter out few upcoming tanks that are being tested.

plot of chunk fig_tanks_tier_type_WR plot of chunk fig_tanks_tier_type_WR

Average WR - Table

Average WR denotes average WR in a tank across all the players during the update. Player WR denotes the tank’s players’ average WR across all the tanks during the update.

TankAverage WRPlayer WR at TierPlayersBattles/PlayerTank type
Maus53.3%51.3%3 06081.0Researchable
VK 90.01 (P)52.6%51.9%3 97086.3Premium
Type 7152.5%51%5 12067.7Researchable
VK 72.01 (K)51.9%51.4%7 67086.1Researchable
T95E651.5%51.3%2 22082.5Premium
Concept 1B51.5%51.1%1 04081.3Premium
IS-751.3%49.8%13 80091.1Researchable
E 10051.3%50.1%24 50090.2Researchable
Object 777 Version II51.3%50.9%98788.4Premium
WZ-11351.1%51.1%2 24059.3Researchable
BZ-7550.9%51.3%1 370123.0Researchable
Strv K50.7%50.8%72482.3Premium
Chieftain Mk. 650.7%50.6%5 51069.6Premium
Super Conqueror50.5%50.4%3 80088.9Premium
FV215b50.5%51.6%2 13065.8Researchable
Kranvagn50.3%49.8%9 22076.3Researchable
60TP Lewandowskiego50.2%49.7%9 50074.6Researchable
T110E550.1%50.1%4 33080.0Researchable
Vz. 5549.8%50.4%71185.4Researchable
M-VI-Yoh49.5%49.7%8 71078.8Researchable
AMX M4 mle. 5449.2%49.5%80371.8Premium
T57 Heavy Tank49.2%49.4%12 10079.4Researchable
WZ-111 model 5A48.6%49%1 14083.7Premium
AMX 50 B48.4%49.2%10 60081.0Researchable
Object 26048.3%48.7%1 01089.4Premium
IS-448.2%48.9%2 99074.3Researchable

Average Damage

This graph shows tier X Heavy Tanks ranked by players’ average damage in the tanks.

plot of chunk fig_tanks_tier_type_avg_dmg plot of chunk fig_tanks_tier_type_avg_dmg

Average Damage - Table

TankAverage DamageAverage WRPlayer WR at TierPlayersBattles/PlayerTank type
VK 90.01 (P)2 11052.6%51.9%3 97086.3Premium
VK 72.01 (K)2 11051.9%51.4%7 67086.1Researchable
BZ-752 04050.9%51.3%1 370123.0Researchable
T95E62 03051.5%51.3%2 22082.5Premium
E 1002 01051.3%50.1%24 50090.2Researchable
Chieftain Mk. 62 00050.7%50.6%5 51069.6Premium
Type 711 99052.5%51%5 12067.7Researchable
Maus1 99053.3%51.3%3 06081.0Researchable
M-VI-Yoh1 99049.5%49.7%8 71078.8Researchable
FV215b1 97050.5%51.6%2 13065.8Researchable
T57 Heavy Tank1 96049.2%49.4%12 10079.4Researchable
WZ-1131 96051.1%51.1%2 24059.3Researchable
Concept 1B1 96051.5%51.1%1 04081.3Premium
Vz. 551 95049.8%50.4%71185.4Researchable
Kranvagn1 95050.3%49.8%9 22076.3Researchable
Super Conqueror1 93050.5%50.4%3 80088.9Premium
Object 777 Version II1 93051.3%50.9%98788.4Premium
Strv K1 93050.7%50.8%72482.3Premium
60TP Lewandowskiego1 92050.2%49.7%9 50074.6Researchable
AMX 50 B1 89048.4%49.2%10 60081.0Researchable
T110E51 89050.1%50.1%4 33080.0Researchable
IS-71 89051.3%49.8%13 80091.1Researchable
WZ-111 model 5A1 83048.6%49%1 14083.7Premium
AMX M4 mle. 541 76049.2%49.5%80371.8Premium
Object 2601 74048.3%48.7%1 01089.4Premium
IS-41 73048.2%48.9%2 99074.3Researchable

Average Kills/Battle

This graph shows tier X Heavy Tanks ranked by players’ average kills per battle.

plot of chunk fig_tanks_tier_type_avg_kills plot of chunk fig_tanks_tier_type_avg_kills

Average Kills/Battle - Table

TankAverage Kills/BattleAverage WRPlayer WR at TierPlayersBattles/PlayerTank type
T95E60.8151.5%51.3%2 22082.5Premium
Kranvagn0.7850.3%49.8%9 22076.3Researchable
VK 72.01 (K)0.7751.9%51.4%7 67086.1Researchable
VK 90.01 (P)0.7752.6%51.9%3 97086.3Premium
Strv K0.7650.7%50.8%72482.3Premium
Chieftain Mk. 60.7650.7%50.6%5 51069.6Premium
Concept 1B0.7651.5%51.1%1 04081.3Premium
BZ-750.7650.9%51.3%1 370123.0Researchable
Maus0.7553.3%51.3%3 06081.0Researchable
WZ-1130.7551.1%51.1%2 24059.3Researchable
Type 710.7552.5%51%5 12067.7Researchable
FV215b0.7550.5%51.6%2 13065.8Researchable
E 1000.7451.3%50.1%24 50090.2Researchable
Object 777 Version II0.7351.3%50.9%98788.4Premium
M-VI-Yoh0.7349.5%49.7%8 71078.8Researchable
T57 Heavy Tank0.7349.2%49.4%12 10079.4Researchable
IS-70.7351.3%49.8%13 80091.1Researchable
AMX 50 B0.7348.4%49.2%10 60081.0Researchable
Super Conqueror0.7250.5%50.4%3 80088.9Premium
60TP Lewandowskiego0.7150.2%49.7%9 50074.6Researchable
Vz. 550.7049.8%50.4%71185.4Researchable
T110E50.6950.1%50.1%4 33080.0Researchable
Object 2600.6948.3%48.7%1 01089.4Premium
WZ-111 model 5A0.6748.6%49%1 14083.7Premium
AMX M4 mle. 540.6649.2%49.5%80371.8Premium
IS-40.6348.2%48.9%2 99074.3Researchable

Spot Rate

This graph shows tier X Heavy Tanks ranked by players’ spot rate in the tanks.

plot of chunk fig_tanks_tier_type_spot_rate plot of chunk fig_tanks_tier_type_spot_rate

Spot Rate - Table

TankSpot RateAverage WRPlayer WR at TierPlayersBattles/PlayerTank type
T95E61.3151.5%51.3%2 22082.5Premium
Concept 1B1.2451.5%51.1%1 04081.3Premium
Object 777 Version II1.2251.3%50.9%98788.4Premium
WZ-1131.2251.1%51.1%2 24059.3Researchable
Strv K1.2150.7%50.8%72482.3Premium
AMX M4 mle. 541.2049.2%49.5%80371.8Premium
WZ-111 model 5A1.1948.6%49%1 14083.7Premium
T110E51.1850.1%50.1%4 33080.0Researchable
IS-71.1751.3%49.8%13 80091.1Researchable
FV215b1.1750.5%51.6%2 13065.8Researchable
Object 2601.1648.3%48.7%1 01089.4Premium
IS-41.1648.2%48.9%2 99074.3Researchable
Super Conqueror1.1550.5%50.4%3 80088.9Premium
Chieftain Mk. 61.1450.7%50.6%5 51069.6Premium
VK 90.01 (P)1.1452.6%51.9%3 97086.3Premium
Type 711.1252.5%51%5 12067.7Researchable
Vz. 551.1049.8%50.4%71185.4Researchable
BZ-751.0850.9%51.3%1 370123.0Researchable
Maus1.0853.3%51.3%3 06081.0Researchable
VK 72.01 (K)1.0551.9%51.4%7 67086.1Researchable
60TP Lewandowskiego1.0450.2%49.7%9 50074.6Researchable
E 1001.0351.3%50.1%24 50090.2Researchable
Kranvagn1.0350.3%49.8%9 22076.3Researchable
AMX 50 B1.0048.4%49.2%10 60081.0Researchable
M-VI-Yoh0.9849.5%49.7%8 71078.8Researchable
T57 Heavy Tank0.9649.2%49.4%12 10079.4Researchable

Hit Rate

This graph shows tier X Heavy Tanks ranked by players’ hit rate in the tanks.

plot of chunk fig_tanks_tier_type_hit_rate plot of chunk fig_tanks_tier_type_hit_rate

Hit Rate - Table

TankHit RateAverage WRPlayer WR at TierPlayersBattles/PlayerTank type
Kranvagn87.4%50.3%49.8%9 22076.3Researchable
M-VI-Yoh86.6%49.5%49.7%8 71078.8Researchable
Type 7186.5%52.5%51%5 12067.7Researchable
Vz. 5586.4%49.8%50.4%71185.4Researchable
T110E586.4%50.1%50.1%4 33080.0Researchable
BZ-7586.3%50.9%51.3%1 370123.0Researchable
T57 Heavy Tank86.1%49.2%49.4%12 10079.4Researchable
VK 90.01 (P)85.9%52.6%51.9%3 97086.3Premium
Super Conqueror85.8%50.5%50.4%3 80088.9Premium
Object 777 Version II85.8%51.3%50.9%98788.4Premium
Chieftain Mk. 685.8%50.7%50.6%5 51069.6Premium
Concept 1B85.5%51.5%51.1%1 04081.3Premium
60TP Lewandowskiego85.5%50.2%49.7%9 50074.6Researchable
IS-485.5%48.2%48.9%2 99074.3Researchable
WZ-11385.5%51.1%51.1%2 24059.3Researchable
VK 72.01 (K)85.4%51.9%51.4%7 67086.1Researchable
WZ-111 model 5A85.3%48.6%49%1 14083.7Premium
IS-785.2%51.3%49.8%13 80091.1Researchable
FV215b85.2%50.5%51.6%2 13065.8Researchable
AMX 50 B85.2%48.4%49.2%10 60081.0Researchable
Object 26085.1%48.3%48.7%1 01089.4Premium
T95E684.9%51.5%51.3%2 22082.5Premium
E 10084.9%51.3%50.1%24 50090.2Researchable
Strv K84.9%50.7%50.8%72482.3Premium
Maus84.7%53.3%51.3%3 06081.0Researchable
AMX M4 mle. 5484.2%49.2%49.5%80371.8Premium

This graph shows most popular tier X Heavy Tanks tanks by players.

plot of chunk fig_tanks_tier_type_most_popular plot of chunk fig_tanks_tier_type_most_popular

Most played Tanks

This graph shows the most played tanks by number of battles during the update 10.7.

plot of chunk fig_tanks_tier_type_most_played plot of chunk fig_tanks_tier_type_most_played

Most Played Tanks - Table

TankBattlesAverage WRPlayer WR at TierPlayersBattles/PlayerTank type
E 1003.8400M49.3%50.6%160 00023.9Researchable
IS-72.3300M49.8%50.7%121 00019.2Researchable
T57 Heavy Tank1.7500M48.2%50.7%102 00017.2Researchable
60TP Lewandowskiego1.5100M49.3%50.7%94 40016.0Researchable
VK 72.01 (K)1.4800M49.5%51.5%74 30019.9Researchable
Kranvagn1.4700M49.2%50.7%88 30016.6Researchable
AMX 50 B1.4600M47.5%50.4%74 50019.6Researchable
M-VI-Yoh1.3000M48.5%50.8%71 90018.0Researchable
Type 710.9060M51.2%51.5%66 80013.5Researchable
Super Conqueror0.8970M49.3%51%48 60018.5Premium
VK 90.01 (P)0.8800M49.9%51.5%48 10018.3Premium
T110E50.7980M49.5%51%56 30014.2Researchable
Chieftain Mk. 60.7760M49.3%51%51 40015.1Premium
Maus0.7730M50.4%51.5%63 10012.2Researchable
BZ-750.7650M48.8%51.6%39 00019.6Researchable
IS-40.5610M47.7%50.7%51 40010.9Researchable
FV215b0.4530M48%51.8%39 50011.5Researchable
T95E60.4480M48.5%51.4%28 40015.7Premium
Object 777 Version II0.4420M49.7%51.4%28 90015.3Premium
WZ-1130.3810M50.1%51.8%33 90011.2Researchable
Concept 1B0.3210M49.5%51.3%28 90011.1Premium
Strv K0.2910M48.5%51.3%25 80011.3Premium
Object 2600.2820M47.7%50.7%22 40012.6Premium
WZ-111 model 5A0.2670M47.3%50.5%20 40013.1Premium
Vz. 550.2630M49.5%51.3%26 20010.0Researchable
AMX M4 mle. 540.2300M49.2%51.1%19 80011.6Premium
114 SP20.0108M50.3%53.6%46623.1Premium