Tier VII Medium Tanks

USSRTRUET-34-85 Rudy
GermanyFALSEPanther I
GermanyFALSEVK 30.02 (D)
USATRUET26E3 Eagle 7
JapanFALSEType 5 Chi-Ri
OtherTRUEY5 ELC bis
EuropeFALSEKonštrukta T-34/100
EuropeFALSEP.43 ter

All the graphs are based on battles played during update 10.7 only (not cumulative data).

The Best Performing Tanks

Highest Relative WR

The graph shows tier VII Medium Tanks by Relative WR. That is the average of players’ WR in a tank compared to their average WR at the tier (in all same tier tanks). Relative WR is a measure of the performance/strength of the tank.

  • All the statistics are about battles fought during the update 10.7 only.
  • The graph shows averages over all the player skill-levels. Well-armored tanks tend to do better in the hands of less-skilled players and thus those tanks tend to have higher (average) Relative WR even in the hands of skilled players those could do relatively worse.
  • The impact of “Stock-grind battles” is reduced based on tier-specific requirement for total battles at the end of the update. Only players with more than 0-152 (depending on the tier) battles in a tank in the end of the update are included to eliminate the impact of the first battles in the tank (with sub-100% crew / modules).
  • The players need to have 10-20 battles in a tank and 20-40 battles at the tier during the update.
  • Average WR is the players’s average WR in the tank
  • Player WR at Tier is the average WR of the players of the tank at the tier. Since different tiers have different difficulty, it is more meaningful to compare players’ performance in the same tier tanks.

plot of chunk fig_tanks_tier_type_Relative_WR plot of chunk fig_tanks_tier_type_Relative_WR

Relative WR - Table

TankRelative WRAverage WRPlayer WR at TierPlayersBattles/PlayerTank type
CS-52 LIS1.64%54.3%52.7%1 92058.7Premium
T-430.4%49.3%48.9%4 87098.9Researchable
T200.36%48.9%48.5%1 23089.2Researchable
Comet0.21%49.5%49.3%2 55083.4Researchable
Dracula0.14%54.5%54.3%1 34085.6Premium
T26E3 Eagle 70.11%51.2%51.1%1 38058.1Premium
Magnate0.06%49.8%49.7%1 68054.5Premium
Panther/M100.01%49.6%49.6%1 11078.4Premium
CS-440%49.5%49.5%1 56076.7Researchable
T23E3-0.02%50.6%50.7%3 15071.7Premium
T-34-85 Rudy-0.1%52.1%52.2%25880.9Premium
Panther I-0.17%50%50.2%5 51079.4Researchable
Type 5 Chi-Ri-0.28%49.9%50.2%1 86074.4Researchable
Leo-0.3%49.1%49.4%1 98072.2Researchable
VK 30.02 (D)-0.43%47.9%48.3%90779.6Researchable
Konštrukta T-34/100-0.43%49.1%49.5%96667.0Researchable
Basilisk-0.56%47.3%47.8%2 97056.8Premium
P.43 ter-0.61%48.8%49.4%1 02068.0Researchable

Relative WR by player skill-level

Players’ average WR at the tier is used as a measure for players’ skill.

Not enough players to calculate Relative WR

plot of chunk fig_tanks_tier_type_Relative_WR_topN_55_65 plot of chunk fig_tanks_tier_type_Relative_WR_topN_55_65

plot of chunk fig_tanks_tier_type_Relative_WR_topN_45_55 plot of chunk fig_tanks_tier_type_Relative_WR_topN_45_55

plot of chunk fig_tanks_tier_type_Relative_WR_topN_0_45 plot of chunk fig_tanks_tier_type_Relative_WR_topN_0_45

Average WR

This graph shows tier VII Medium Tanks ranked by players’ average WR in the tanks. Player WR denotes the tank’s players’ average WR across all the tier VII tanks during the update. Only tanks with more than 200 players are listed. This may filter out few upcoming tanks that are being tested.

plot of chunk fig_tanks_tier_type_WR plot of chunk fig_tanks_tier_type_WR

Average WR - Table

Average WR denotes average WR in a tank across all the players during the update. Player WR denotes the tank’s players’ average WR across all the tanks during the update.

TankAverage WRPlayer WR at TierPlayersBattles/PlayerTank type
CS-52 LIS54.7%52.9%2 31056.6Premium
Dracula54.6%54.3%1 64083.8Premium
T-34-85 Rudy52.9%52.4%32785.4Premium
T26E3 Eagle 751.4%51.2%1 56057.8Premium
T23E350.9%50.7%3 56070.9Premium
Panther I50.2%50.3%6 68078.4Researchable
Type 5 Chi-Ri50.2%50.4%2 21073.9Researchable
Panther/M1049.8%49.7%1 26081.6Premium
Magnate49.7%49.7%1 88053.1Premium
CS-4449.6%49.5%1 80076.6Researchable
Comet49.6%49.4%3 10083.9Researchable
T-4349.4%49%6 09096.9Researchable
Konštrukta T-34/10049.2%49.5%1 14065.9Researchable
Leo49.1%49.4%2 31071.2Researchable
T2048.9%48.6%1 53090.7Researchable
P.43 ter48.9%49.4%1 21067.6Researchable
VK 30.02 (D)48%48.5%1 06079.3Researchable
Basilisk47%47.7%3 26056.0Premium

Average Damage

This graph shows tier VII Medium Tanks ranked by players’ average damage in the tanks.

plot of chunk fig_tanks_tier_type_avg_dmg plot of chunk fig_tanks_tier_type_avg_dmg

Average Damage - Table

TankAverage DamageAverage WRPlayer WR at TierPlayersBattles/PlayerTank type
CS-52 LIS1 14054.7%52.9%2 31056.6Premium
T-44-851 13054.9%53.7%57058.4Premium
Svear1 11053.9%52.8%45056.1Premium
Dracula1 11054.6%54.3%1 64083.8Premium
T-34-85 Rudy1 10052.9%52.4%32785.4Premium
M4/FL101 06050.8%51.4%79769.4Premium
Type 5 Chi-Ri1 04050.2%50.4%2 21073.9Researchable
T-34-11 03051.2%50.7%74072.0Researchable
CS-441 01049.6%49.5%1 80076.6Researchable
T26E3 Eagle 799951.4%51.2%1 56057.8Premium
T-4398949.4%49%6 09096.9Researchable
Panther I98650.2%50.3%6 68078.4Researchable
Leo97949.1%49.4%2 31071.2Researchable
T23E396050.9%50.7%3 56070.9Premium
Konštrukta T-34/10095049.2%49.5%1 14065.9Researchable
P.43 ter94748.9%49.4%1 21067.6Researchable
T2094248.9%48.6%1 53090.7Researchable
Comet92849.6%49.4%3 10083.9Researchable
Panther/M1090549.8%49.7%1 26081.6Premium
Magnate88849.7%49.7%1 88053.1Premium
VK 30.02 (D)86948%48.5%1 06079.3Researchable
Basilisk73447%47.7%3 26056.0Premium

Average Kills/Battle

This graph shows tier VII Medium Tanks ranked by players’ average kills per battle.

plot of chunk fig_tanks_tier_type_avg_kills plot of chunk fig_tanks_tier_type_avg_kills

Average Kills/Battle - Table

TankAverage Kills/BattleAverage WRPlayer WR at TierPlayersBattles/PlayerTank type
Dracula0.8554.6%54.3%1 64083.8Premium
T-34-85 Rudy0.8152.9%52.4%32785.4Premium
CS-52 LIS0.8154.7%52.9%2 31056.6Premium
T-430.7449.4%49%6 09096.9Researchable
Type 5 Chi-Ri0.7150.2%50.4%2 21073.9Researchable
Panther I0.7050.2%50.3%6 68078.4Researchable
CS-440.7049.6%49.5%1 80076.6Researchable
T23E30.7050.9%50.7%3 56070.9Premium
Leo0.6949.1%49.4%2 31071.2Researchable
Comet0.6949.6%49.4%3 10083.9Researchable
T200.6848.9%48.6%1 53090.7Researchable
T26E3 Eagle 70.6651.4%51.2%1 56057.8Premium
P.43 ter0.6548.9%49.4%1 21067.6Researchable
Konštrukta T-34/1000.6449.2%49.5%1 14065.9Researchable
Panther/M100.6349.8%49.7%1 26081.6Premium
VK 30.02 (D)0.6048%48.5%1 06079.3Researchable
Magnate0.5949.7%49.7%1 88053.1Premium
Basilisk0.5047%47.7%3 26056.0Premium

Spot Rate

This graph shows tier VII Medium Tanks ranked by players’ spot rate in the tanks.

plot of chunk fig_tanks_tier_type_spot_rate plot of chunk fig_tanks_tier_type_spot_rate

Spot Rate - Table

TankSpot RateAverage WRPlayer WR at TierPlayersBattles/PlayerTank type
Dracula1.8454.6%54.3%1 64083.8Premium
T23E31.3650.9%50.7%3 56070.9Premium
T-34-85 Rudy1.3552.9%52.4%32785.4Premium
CS-52 LIS1.2854.7%52.9%2 31056.6Premium
Panther/M101.2449.8%49.7%1 26081.6Premium
T26E3 Eagle 71.2351.4%51.2%1 56057.8Premium
Panther I1.2150.2%50.3%6 68078.4Researchable
Comet1.1949.6%49.4%3 10083.9Researchable
Magnate1.1749.7%49.7%1 88053.1Premium
T201.0948.9%48.6%1 53090.7Researchable
VK 30.02 (D)1.0748%48.5%1 06079.3Researchable
Konštrukta T-34/1001.0749.2%49.5%1 14065.9Researchable
Basilisk1.0747%47.7%3 26056.0Premium
P.43 ter1.0648.9%49.4%1 21067.6Researchable
Type 5 Chi-Ri1.0650.2%50.4%2 21073.9Researchable
CS-441.0049.6%49.5%1 80076.6Researchable
T-430.9949.4%49%6 09096.9Researchable
Leo0.9549.1%49.4%2 31071.2Researchable

Hit Rate

This graph shows tier VII Medium Tanks ranked by players’ hit rate in the tanks.

plot of chunk fig_tanks_tier_type_hit_rate plot of chunk fig_tanks_tier_type_hit_rate

Hit Rate - Table

TankHit RateAverage WRPlayer WR at TierPlayersBattles/PlayerTank type
Panther/M1083.2%49.8%49.7%1 26081.6Premium
CS-4482.7%49.6%49.5%1 80076.6Researchable
P.43 ter82.4%48.9%49.4%1 21067.6Researchable
CS-52 LIS82.4%54.7%52.9%2 31056.6Premium
T-4382.3%49.4%49%6 09096.9Researchable
T2082%48.9%48.6%1 53090.7Researchable
T-34-85 Rudy81.9%52.9%52.4%32785.4Premium
T26E3 Eagle 781.9%51.4%51.2%1 56057.8Premium
Panther I81.4%50.2%50.3%6 68078.4Researchable
T23E381.3%50.9%50.7%3 56070.9Premium
Dracula81.2%54.6%54.3%1 64083.8Premium
Comet81.1%49.6%49.4%3 10083.9Researchable
VK 30.02 (D)81%48%48.5%1 06079.3Researchable
Leo80.7%49.1%49.4%2 31071.2Researchable
Type 5 Chi-Ri80.3%50.2%50.4%2 21073.9Researchable
Konštrukta T-34/10080.2%49.2%49.5%1 14065.9Researchable
Basilisk80%47%47.7%3 26056.0Premium
Magnate79.3%49.7%49.7%1 88053.1Premium

This graph shows most popular tier VII Medium Tanks tanks by players.

plot of chunk fig_tanks_tier_type_most_popular plot of chunk fig_tanks_tier_type_most_popular

Most played Tanks

This graph shows the most played tanks by number of battles during the update 10.7.

plot of chunk fig_tanks_tier_type_most_played plot of chunk fig_tanks_tier_type_most_played

Most Played Tanks - Table

TankBattlesAverage WRPlayer WR at TierPlayersBattles/PlayerTank type
Panther I862 00049.5%50.6%43 40019.90Researchable
T-43808 00049%49.4%30 40026.60Researchable
T23E3434 00050.3%51.6%37 00011.70Premium
Comet421 00049.9%50.2%22 90018.30Researchable
Basilisk401 00046.7%49.7%57 9006.94Premium
Leo378 00049%49.9%22 10017.10Researchable
Type 5 Chi-Ri340 00050.5%50.9%19 70017.20Researchable
CS-52 LIS289 00054.9%52.9%37 7007.65Premium
CS-44286 00050.1%49.8%15 00019.10Researchable
Magnate265 00050.1%50.4%46 5005.69Premium
Dracula255 00053%53.8%28 2009.04Premium
T26E3 Eagle 7236 00051.5%52%33 5007.04Premium
P.43 ter229 00049.3%50%16 00014.20Researchable
T20225 00050%49.3%11 20020.10Researchable
Konštrukta T-34/100194 00048.9%50.1%14 90013.00Researchable
Panther/M10194 00049.3%51.2%18 60010.40Premium
VK 30.02 (D)179 00049.1%49.6%11 40015.60Researchable
T-34-1128 00052.7%51.2%9 34013.70Researchable
M4/FL10126 00050.1%52.6%16 6007.59Premium
T-44-8584 70054.9%53.3%12 5006.78Premium
Svear62 40055.7%52.5%10 1006.19Premium
T-34-85 Rudy58 70052.5%53%7 9907.34Premium
T4251 80053.6%52.2%9 0505.73Premium
Y5 ELC bis14 90054.9%52.9%3 8803.84Premium
KV-1314 20049.4%52%1 21011.80Premium
Edelweiss8 19052.9%52.5%1 4805.53Premium
Hafen3 04051.7%53.1%9793.11Premium