Tier VIII Tank Destroyers

GermanyTRUE8,8 cm Pak 43 Jagdtiger
GermanyFALSEJagdpanther II
GermanyTRUEKanonenjagdpanzer 105
GermanyTRUERheinmetall Skorpion G
GermanyFALSERhm.-Borsig Waffenträger
GermanyTRUESnowstorm Jagdtiger 8.8
USATRUET28 Defender
USAFALSET28 Prototype
ChinaFALSEWZ-111-1G FT
ChinaTRUEWZ-120-1G FT
FranceFALSEAMX AC mle. 48
FranceTRUEAMX Canon d’assaut 105
UKTRUETurtle Mk. I
JapanFALSEHo-Ri Type I
JapanTRUEType 5 Ka-Ri
OtherTRUETitan Charioteer
EuropeFALSESemovente Controcarro mod. 1964
EuropeTRUESMV CC-64 Vipera

All the graphs are based on battles played during update 10.7 only (not cumulative data).

The Best Performing Tanks

Highest Relative WR

The graph shows tier VIII Tank Destroyers by Relative WR. That is the average of players’ WR in a tank compared to their average WR at the tier (in all same tier tanks). Relative WR is a measure of the performance/strength of the tank.

  • All the statistics are about battles fought during the update 10.7 only.
  • The graph shows averages over all the player skill-levels. Well-armored tanks tend to do better in the hands of less-skilled players and thus those tanks tend to have higher (average) Relative WR even in the hands of skilled players those could do relatively worse.
  • The impact of “Stock-grind battles” is reduced based on tier-specific requirement for total battles at the end of the update. Only players with more than 0-152 (depending on the tier) battles in a tank in the end of the update are included to eliminate the impact of the first battles in the tank (with sub-100% crew / modules).
  • The players need to have 10-20 battles in a tank and 20-40 battles at the tier during the update.
  • Average WR is the players’s average WR in the tank
  • Player WR at Tier is the average WR of the players of the tank at the tier. Since different tiers have different difficulty, it is more meaningful to compare players’ performance in the same tier tanks.

plot of chunk fig_tanks_tier_type_Relative_WR plot of chunk fig_tanks_tier_type_Relative_WR

Relative WR - Table

TankRelative WRAverage WRPlayer WR at TierPlayersBattles/PlayerTank type
Semovente Controcarro mod. 19641.95%53.8%51.8%7 23086.9Researchable
Elefant1.33%52.9%51.5%5 360169.0Premium
T28 Prototype1.15%49.9%48.8%2 48085.3Researchable
T28 Defender1.12%52.1%51%1 62075.5Premium
TS-51.08%50.9%49.9%1 07086.9Premium
WZ-120-1G FT0.91%52.7%51.8%2 78072.6Premium
8,8 cm Pak 43 Jagdtiger0.84%51.8%51%1 94072.9Premium
Snowstorm Jagdtiger 8.80.62%51.7%51.1%1 04085.2Premium
AT 150.56%48.9%48.3%2 00086.2Researchable
Turtle Mk. I0.49%50.4%49.9%28476.1Premium
Ferdinand0.23%48.6%48.4%1 86086.7Researchable
AMX AC mle. 480.04%48.3%48.2%89081.3Researchable
Ho-Ri Type I-0.07%48.7%48.7%72967.3Researchable
SU-130PM-0.19%51.6%51.8%6 48088.4Premium
Kanonenjagdpanzer 105-0.35%50.3%50.7%97091.6Premium
WZ-111-1G FT-0.4%49.1%49.5%94774.9Researchable
GSOR 1008-0.41%50.9%51.4%2 01081.9Premium
ISU-152-0.51%49.1%49.6%10 40093.9Researchable
ISU-130-0.58%49%49.6%1 20080.9Premium
Jagdpanther II-0.74%47.1%47.8%3 55092.9Researchable
AMX Canon d’assaut 105-0.89%50%50.9%90470.4Premium
Rheinmetall Skorpion G-1.13%50.5%51.7%7 02082.3Premium
Rhm.-Borsig Waffenträger-1.56%47.3%48.8%7 44089.3Researchable
Charioteer-1.99%45.2%47.1%1 47079.3Researchable

Relative WR by player skill-level

Players’ average WR at the tier is used as a measure for players’ skill.

plot of chunk fig_tanks_tier_type_Relative_WR_topN_65_ plot of chunk fig_tanks_tier_type_Relative_WR_topN_65_

plot of chunk fig_tanks_tier_type_Relative_WR_topN_55_65 plot of chunk fig_tanks_tier_type_Relative_WR_topN_55_65

plot of chunk fig_tanks_tier_type_Relative_WR_topN_45_55 plot of chunk fig_tanks_tier_type_Relative_WR_topN_45_55

plot of chunk fig_tanks_tier_type_Relative_WR_topN_0_45 plot of chunk fig_tanks_tier_type_Relative_WR_topN_0_45

Average WR

This graph shows tier VIII Tank Destroyers ranked by players’ average WR in the tanks. Player WR denotes the tank’s players’ average WR across all the tier VIII tanks during the update. Only tanks with more than 200 players are listed. This may filter out few upcoming tanks that are being tested.

plot of chunk fig_tanks_tier_type_WR plot of chunk fig_tanks_tier_type_WR

Average WR - Table

Average WR denotes average WR in a tank across all the players during the update. Player WR denotes the tank’s players’ average WR across all the tanks during the update.

TankAverage WRPlayer WR at TierPlayersBattles/PlayerTank type
Semovente Controcarro mod. 196453.4%51.7%8 49086.1Researchable
WZ-120-1G FT52.6%51.8%3 04072.4Premium
Elefant52.4%51.3%6 400170.0Premium
T28 Defender52%51%1 76075.2Premium
Snowstorm Jagdtiger 8.851.7%51.1%1 13084.4Premium
8,8 cm Pak 43 Jagdtiger51.6%50.8%2 10074.7Premium
SU-130PM51.6%51.8%6 97087.3Premium
GSOR 100850.8%51.3%2 16080.7Premium
TS-550.8%49.8%1 18085.4Premium
Rheinmetall Skorpion G50.5%51.6%7 51082.8Premium
Turtle Mk. I50.3%49.9%31776.8Premium
Kanonenjagdpanzer 10550.3%50.6%1 05090.8Premium
AMX Canon d’assaut 10549.9%50.8%97972.1Premium
T28 Prototype49.4%48.5%3 23090.0Researchable
ISU-13048.9%49.5%1 34080.1Premium
WZ-111-1G FT48.8%49.3%1 08076.1Researchable
ISU-15248.8%49.2%13 10094.9Researchable
AT 1548.5%48%2 73088.5Researchable
Ho-Ri Type I48.3%48.4%87572.0Researchable
Ferdinand48.1%48%2 38090.8Researchable
AMX AC mle. 4848%48%1 11083.9Researchable
Rhm.-Borsig Waffenträger47%48.3%9 32090.9Researchable
Jagdpanther II46.6%47.1%4 87094.5Researchable
Charioteer44.8%46.4%1 93081.8Researchable

Average Damage

This graph shows tier VIII Tank Destroyers ranked by players’ average damage in the tanks.

plot of chunk fig_tanks_tier_type_avg_dmg plot of chunk fig_tanks_tier_type_avg_dmg

Average Damage - Table

TankAverage DamageAverage WRPlayer WR at TierPlayersBattles/PlayerTank type
SU-130PM1 61051.6%51.8%6 97087.3Premium
Elefant1 57052.4%51.3%6 400170.0Premium
Semovente Controcarro mod. 19641 55053.4%51.7%8 49086.1Researchable
Rheinmetall Skorpion G1 54050.5%51.6%7 51082.8Premium
WZ-120-1G FT1 54052.6%51.8%3 04072.4Premium
GSOR 10081 54050.8%51.3%2 16080.7Premium
Snowstorm Jagdtiger 8.81 46051.7%51.1%1 13084.4Premium
8,8 cm Pak 43 Jagdtiger1 43051.6%50.8%2 10074.7Premium
TS-601 42051%50.7%46891.0Premium
T28 Defender1 42052%51%1 76075.2Premium
TS-51 40050.8%49.8%1 18085.4Premium
ISU-1521 39048.8%49.2%13 10094.9Researchable
WZ-111-1G FT1 39048.8%49.3%1 08076.1Researchable
Kanonenjagdpanzer 1051 39050.3%50.6%1 05090.8Premium
ISU-1301 38048.9%49.5%1 34080.1Premium
AMX Canon d’assaut 1051 37049.9%50.8%97972.1Premium
T28 Prototype1 34049.4%48.5%3 23090.0Researchable
Turtle Mk. I1 32050.3%49.9%31776.8Premium
Ho-Ri Type I1 30048.3%48.4%87572.0Researchable
Rhm.-Borsig Waffenträger1 27047%48.3%9 32090.9Researchable
Ferdinand1 26048.1%48%2 38090.8Researchable
AT 151 23048.5%48%2 73088.5Researchable
Jagdpanther II1 22046.6%47.1%4 87094.5Researchable
AMX AC mle. 481 21048%48%1 11083.9Researchable
T281 15047.6%47.4%86585.3Researchable
Charioteer1 11044.8%46.4%1 93081.8Researchable
SU-1011 06044.8%46.2%82581.1Researchable

Average Kills/Battle

This graph shows tier VIII Tank Destroyers ranked by players’ average kills per battle.

plot of chunk fig_tanks_tier_type_avg_kills plot of chunk fig_tanks_tier_type_avg_kills

Average Kills/Battle - Table

TankAverage Kills/BattleAverage WRPlayer WR at TierPlayersBattles/PlayerTank type
SU-130PM0.8851.6%51.8%6 97087.3Premium
Elefant0.8852.4%51.3%6 400170.0Premium
Semovente Controcarro mod. 19640.8753.4%51.7%8 49086.1Researchable
WZ-120-1G FT0.8752.6%51.8%3 04072.4Premium
GSOR 10080.8450.8%51.3%2 16080.7Premium
Rheinmetall Skorpion G0.8250.5%51.6%7 51082.8Premium
Snowstorm Jagdtiger 8.80.7851.7%51.1%1 13084.4Premium
Kanonenjagdpanzer 1050.7850.3%50.6%1 05090.8Premium
AMX Canon d’assaut 1050.7849.9%50.8%97972.1Premium
T28 Defender0.7752%51%1 76075.2Premium
8,8 cm Pak 43 Jagdtiger0.7651.6%50.8%2 10074.7Premium
ISU-1520.7548.8%49.2%13 10094.9Researchable
TS-50.7450.8%49.8%1 18085.4Premium
ISU-1300.7348.9%49.5%1 34080.1Premium
WZ-111-1G FT0.7248.8%49.3%1 08076.1Researchable
T28 Prototype0.7249.4%48.5%3 23090.0Researchable
Rhm.-Borsig Waffenträger0.6947%48.3%9 32090.9Researchable
Turtle Mk. I0.6950.3%49.9%31776.8Premium
Ho-Ri Type I0.6948.3%48.4%87572.0Researchable
AT 150.6548.5%48%2 73088.5Researchable
AMX AC mle. 480.6548%48%1 11083.9Researchable
Ferdinand0.6548.1%48%2 38090.8Researchable
Jagdpanther II0.6446.6%47.1%4 87094.5Researchable
Charioteer0.5944.8%46.4%1 93081.8Researchable

Spot Rate

This graph shows tier VIII Tank Destroyers ranked by players’ spot rate in the tanks.

plot of chunk fig_tanks_tier_type_spot_rate plot of chunk fig_tanks_tier_type_spot_rate

Spot Rate - Table

TankSpot RateAverage WRPlayer WR at TierPlayersBattles/PlayerTank type
AMX Canon d’assaut 1050.8249.9%50.8%97972.1Premium
WZ-120-1G FT0.7752.6%51.8%3 04072.4Premium
Kanonenjagdpanzer 1050.7650.3%50.6%1 05090.8Premium
Semovente Controcarro mod. 19640.7353.4%51.7%8 49086.1Researchable
Elefant0.7252.4%51.3%6 400170.0Premium
T28 Defender0.7252%51%1 76075.2Premium
Snowstorm Jagdtiger 8.80.7051.7%51.1%1 13084.4Premium
8,8 cm Pak 43 Jagdtiger0.6851.6%50.8%2 10074.7Premium
AMX AC mle. 480.6748%48%1 11083.9Researchable
Charioteer0.6644.8%46.4%1 93081.8Researchable
TS-50.6550.8%49.8%1 18085.4Premium
Jagdpanther II0.6346.6%47.1%4 87094.5Researchable
SU-130PM0.6051.6%51.8%6 97087.3Premium
Rheinmetall Skorpion G0.5850.5%51.6%7 51082.8Premium
Ho-Ri Type I0.5848.3%48.4%87572.0Researchable
ISU-1300.5748.9%49.5%1 34080.1Premium
Turtle Mk. I0.5650.3%49.9%31776.8Premium
GSOR 10080.5650.8%51.3%2 16080.7Premium
T28 Prototype0.5249.4%48.5%3 23090.0Researchable
AT 150.5048.5%48%2 73088.5Researchable
Ferdinand0.5048.1%48%2 38090.8Researchable
WZ-111-1G FT0.5048.8%49.3%1 08076.1Researchable
ISU-1520.4948.8%49.2%13 10094.9Researchable
Rhm.-Borsig Waffenträger0.4647%48.3%9 32090.9Researchable

Hit Rate

This graph shows tier VIII Tank Destroyers ranked by players’ hit rate in the tanks.

plot of chunk fig_tanks_tier_type_hit_rate plot of chunk fig_tanks_tier_type_hit_rate

Hit Rate - Table

TankHit RateAverage WRPlayer WR at TierPlayersBattles/PlayerTank type
T28 Defender82.6%52%51%1 76075.2Premium
WZ-111-1G FT82.4%48.8%49.3%1 08076.1Researchable
Semovente Controcarro mod. 196482.1%53.4%51.7%8 49086.1Researchable
Kanonenjagdpanzer 10581.9%50.3%50.6%1 05090.8Premium
SU-130PM81.8%51.6%51.8%6 97087.3Premium
GSOR 100881.7%50.8%51.3%2 16080.7Premium
AMX Canon d’assaut 10581.5%49.9%50.8%97972.1Premium
Rheinmetall Skorpion G81.4%50.5%51.6%7 51082.8Premium
WZ-120-1G FT81%52.6%51.8%3 04072.4Premium
Elefant80.9%52.4%51.3%6 400170.0Premium
8,8 cm Pak 43 Jagdtiger80.7%51.6%50.8%2 10074.7Premium
Snowstorm Jagdtiger 8.880.5%51.7%51.1%1 13084.4Premium
ISU-13080.5%48.9%49.5%1 34080.1Premium
Ferdinand80.1%48.1%48%2 38090.8Researchable
T28 Prototype80.1%49.4%48.5%3 23090.0Researchable
Charioteer80%44.8%46.4%1 93081.8Researchable
Turtle Mk. I79.9%50.3%49.9%31776.8Premium
TS-579.6%50.8%49.8%1 18085.4Premium
Ho-Ri Type I79.5%48.3%48.4%87572.0Researchable
AMX AC mle. 4879.4%48%48%1 11083.9Researchable
AT 1579.2%48.5%48%2 73088.5Researchable
Rhm.-Borsig Waffenträger78.5%47%48.3%9 32090.9Researchable
Jagdpanther II77.9%46.6%47.1%4 87094.5Researchable
ISU-15276.2%48.8%49.2%13 10094.9Researchable

This graph shows most popular tier VIII Tank Destroyers tanks by players.

plot of chunk fig_tanks_tier_type_most_popular plot of chunk fig_tanks_tier_type_most_popular

Most played Tanks

This graph shows the most played tanks by number of battles during the update 10.7.

plot of chunk fig_tanks_tier_type_most_played plot of chunk fig_tanks_tier_type_most_played

Most Played Tanks - Table

TankBattlesAverage WRPlayer WR at TierPlayersBattles/PlayerTank type
Elefant2.44000M51.1%52.8%103 00023.70Premium
ISU-1521.93000M46.4%50.7%84 20022.90Researchable
Rhm.-Borsig Waffenträger1.49000M46.7%50.4%64 70023.10Researchable
Semovente Controcarro mod. 19641.38000M51.3%51.7%64 10021.50Researchable
Rheinmetall Skorpion G0.98800M49%52.3%50 90019.40Premium
Jagdpanther II0.96700M45.1%48.9%41 90023.10Researchable
SU-130PM0.90400M50.9%52.6%44 80020.20Premium
AT 150.68600M48%49.5%36 00019.10Researchable
T28 Prototype0.60000M49.6%49.4%27 20022.10Researchable
Charioteer0.48800M45.4%49.8%27 90017.50Researchable
Ferdinand0.48000M46.9%49.4%25 40018.90Researchable
WZ-120-1G FT0.42500M52.7%52.9%31 60013.50Premium
GSOR 10080.36300M49.4%52.5%29 60012.30Premium
Kanonenjagdpanzer 1050.31700M47.9%51.5%25 70012.30Premium
8,8 cm Pak 43 Jagdtiger0.30600M50.5%51.7%25 50012.00Premium
WZ-111-1G FT0.27300M49.9%50.4%16 00017.00Researchable
AMX Canon d’assaut 1050.27200M50.3%52.8%29 8009.11Premium
AMX AC mle. 480.26600M48%49.6%15 50017.20Researchable
T28 Defender0.26200M52.6%52%25 50010.30Premium
T280.23200M48.1%48.8%14 80015.70Researchable
Ho-Ri Type I0.23200M49%50.1%15 10015.40Researchable
SU-1010.21900M44.4%49%14 90014.70Researchable
Snowstorm Jagdtiger 8.80.21200M50.7%51.9%17 70012.00Premium
ISU-1300.21000M48.5%51.4%16 90012.50Premium
TS-50.20300M50.9%51.4%16 50012.30Premium
TS-600.09280M49.9%52%8 84010.50Premium
Turtle Mk. I0.07410M50.7%51.7%10 2007.26Premium
Titan Charioteer0.03400M49.8%52.5%3 9808.52Premium
ShPTK-TVP 1000.01340M47.5%52.5%1 7807.51Premium
SMV CC-64 Vipera0.00604M60.4%60.3%32118.80Premium