Stats by Region

This page shows statistics per Blitz servers/regions (EU, North America, Asia, Russia) during update 9.3. Statistics for the Chinese server are not available via WG API.

Number of players

This graphs shows players by region in the dataset who have played at least one game. Please note, this does not mean all the players per server, but just those who have been recorded in the BlitzAnalysiz database.

plot of chunk fig_region_players_per_server

WR Distribution

This graph shows players' overall WR distribution during update 9.3 on different regions.

plot of chunk fig_region_WR_distribution

These graphs cannot be used to say anything about the skill-level differences between the servers. Instead, the graphs tell more about the player sampling per server. BlitzAnalysiz[] database has relatively more players from EU and NA (com) servers vs. RU and Asia servers. In all the servers the players sampled are on average more active and better than the true player average due to the way how the player account_ids are being harvested.

Cumulative distribution function

This graphs shows the same information than the previous in different format. The curve tells how large share of players (y-axis) had WR less than (x-axis) during update 9.3.

plot of chunk fig_region_WR_cum_distribution

Popularity of Tank Nations

This graph shows the popularity of tank nations by region/server.

plot of chunk fig_region_nations

Popularity of Vehicle Classes

This graph shows the popularity of vehicle classes by region/server.

plot of chunk fig_region_tank_types